Thursday, August 6, 2015

About Christmas Love

"Christmas Love" is a recording of holiday music featuring musicians from the southeastern Massachusetts area.

All proceeds from "Christmas Love" benefit Westport Olancho Aid. 

Westport Olancho Aid and the volunteers from the St. John the Baptist Church in Westport, Massachusetts have supported the mission of Olancho Aid, Inc. for many years. Olancho Aid, Inc. provides support and education for Honduran youth and their communities. This mission has inspired the music on this recording.

This project was made possible with the generous support of almost one hundred sponsors. We are very grateful to all who donated to help create "Christmas Love". All donors are listed by name in the CD liner notes.

The concept and unique arrangements especially for this recording were created by pianist Matt Richard. Featured vocalists Kristine Daniels and Jacqui Tan co-produced this project along with Matt. Many thanks to guest musicians Scott Simpkin, Patrice Tiedemann, Jonne Gomes, Phil Sanborn, Steve Toro, Christine Williamson, Karen Sanborn, Wendy Hawes, and Neil Sylvia. A very special thank you to Kyle Baptisa and his family for their participation in "Christmas Love".

This recording was made at Sounds Interesting Studio in Middleboro, MA, in June and July, 2015, with the expertise and professionalism of sound engineers Brian Cass and Corey Sherman.

Original artwork for the CD cover was created by local artist Christopher Richard.

CDs will be available for purchase and download in fall 2015, and the release concert will be held on November 28, 2015 in Westport, MA at St. John the Baptist Church. All proceeds from the concert will also benefit Westport Olancho Aid.